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Tayforth Universities Officers Training Corps provides military training for students from the Universities of St Andrews, Dundee, Abertay and Stirling.

The Regimental Association was formed from the Old Wyvernians who were established in May 1976, and held it's inaugural meeting on 16 June 1984.

Our main online presence is on Facebook and Twitter (@tayforthregassn), so hurry and join us there!

Our Mission

The Regimental Association provides a place for the alumni of Tayforth UOTC, both the staff and officer cadets, to remain connected after they leave Tayforth UOTC.

Officially, the Association's aim is to "promote and maintain friendly relations between Members and with Tayforth Universities OTC by the provision of regular Newsletters, by re-union meetings and by any other activities that may from time to time be deemed appropriate".

A copy of our Constitution can be found here.

A copy of our Privacy Statement can be found here.

Join Us

There is no minimum service term to qualify for Association membership, however full Association membership is reserved for those who currently serve orhave served with Tayforth UOTC.  Applications are considered from time to time for Honorary Membership.

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